Where are the risks

Submitted by web_team on Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:50
Risk map


Look at the map Bloomberg issued in March 2018.

It shows us that the risks are not really where we think!

We always tend to see the problems, the risks in others, in others countries and to increase them, while we do not see (do not want to see) its own problems and risks, worse they are undermined widely and often even more than reason.

In fact, it's because we have a natural affect for our environment that is so well known to us, and a lack of information and knowledge of the rest.

However, when investing, especially over the long term, in a patrimonial and capital protection purpose, we seek above all to limit the risks and the effect of the affect that would make us make bad decisions.

So look now where Vivalys is investing. In the emerging countries like Africa, Latin America, Asia,...

You will now understand the fundamentals of our strategy, and what makes our difference.