Digitalisation: what are the risks for you ?

Submitted by web_team on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 13:05
digital world

All days we hear, we read and speak about digitalisation (and disruption, artificial intelligence, ...). But how many people understand the profound, fundamental transformations that it induces in our lives?

Today, question is not about having a digital strategy (or not).

For industry it is about defining your business strategy and your new business models in a digital world.

Disruptive innovation will touch every aspect of our lives, tomorrow but more and more today.

Digital is the future of business and the world !

The speed at which everything is changing means that you (everybody and any entity) is facing death.

Banker, asset manager, analyst, taxi/car/bus/truck/train driver, lawyer, accountant, auditor, notary, teachers as some examples among many others... must look at things differently and think in new ways.

Indeed it is a risk management and we even add that we must consider ourselves in a crisis situation with serious and urgent decisions to make.

We must ask:

  • will we (and our market, our clients) survive and how do we make certain that we exist tomorrow?
  • how do we streamline and automate our operations?
  • how do we come up with new ideas and modernize or transform our business models?


The industry must become more agile to anticipate and manage shifting clients and markets demands, embrace virtual and global world and continuous moving context, convergence and differences, and seize opportunities both within traditional and new one, beyond.

At Vivalys we have been following these developments for years and we have prepared for them.
We have a vision that drives our strategy and we began by applying it to ourselves, all our operations, all our activities and of course our investments.

Information, processing and communication are the key elements of the new digital, virtual and global world. That's why we have been investing in new information and communication technologies since our inception and we are developing our vision, the strategy through an IT services company that provides the market with the infrastructure, the tools, the solutions for the new digital world and business models. You can visit the site.